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Part 2: How to save time and energy in the kitchen!

Changing your diet involves changing what you eat AND drink! You might have to give up your favorite caffeinated beverage or sugary soda as you heal your gut. Those drinks might have been a treat or part of a comforting routine. If you take them out you will have to replace them with something else that’s just as yummy, refreshing and comforting. Here’s how:

Soda Stream

This is my husband’s favorite appliance because it turns tap water into fizzy water. Some people don’t like the taste of water and adding bubbles gives it an exta texture and a salty, mineral flavor that’s more interesting for the taste buds. You can also flavor it with lemon (super alkalinizing) or mix it with equal parts coconut water (my favorite).

You can mix low sugar juices in there like grapefruit, cranberry or blueberry. You can go cocktail style and muddle a bunch of fruit and throw it in there. (I have never tried this, the idea just came to me as I was writing this, so if you do try it, let me know how it tastes). You can adjust the fizziness of the water to your taste.

If you are addicted to juice or soda and can’t go cold turkey, start watering your beverages down, adding more fizzy water gradually.

It costs just under $100 and has saved us money because we no longer buy bottled mineral water. I hated those plastic bottles for their environmental impact and the fact that plastic from the container could possibly leech into the water itself, especially if stored under hot conditions.

You don’t have to plug this appliance in and simply need to switch out the CO2 canister when it runs out!

From left to right: The magic Soda Stream, electric kettle, parchment paper, and food processor

Electric Kettle

This appliance saves energy and time because it boils water faster and more efficiently. If I am in a rush, I pre-boil the water in the kettle, then transfer it into a pot and turn on the stove so I have instant boiling water for my recipe.

The ease of using this kettle will inspire you to drink more tea. Hot beverages are so comforting and if you are giving up coffee you will want to replace it with something. There are teas you can drink to help you sleep, tea that will sooth your soul, teas that will cleanse your liver and teas that fight yeast. Tea is basically like drinking liquid herb and can be a healing part of your day and you will always have instant access to hot water with an electric kettle.

Parchment Paper

Cooking on tinfoil is bad, bad, bad. I did it all the time and then totally freaked with a hair sample analysis showed massive amounts of aluminum in my body! Yikes! Tin foil was not the only cause, but it sure didn’t help. I used it all the time to line roasting and baking dishes so that I would be able to throw it out and have less greasy mess to clean.

Then I discovered parchment paper, which works just as well without the toxic side effects. It stands up to high heat and makes clean up so much easier and prevents food from sticking to the roasting pan.

3 Cup Food Processor

These tiny food processors are so great for making dips, pesto, salad dressing and grinding up fruit or veggies. I have made humus in it as well as nut-based dips. After you make your dip you can store the whole container in the fridge. I use it for making my famous cilantro and pumpkin seed pesto which is not only tasty but a nutritional powerhouse. I like its small size and it’s very easy to operate, clean and store.

Here is my favorite recipe in the world that I couldn’t make without my food processor. All of it’s ingredients are super healthy and cleansing. Cilantro cleans out heavy metals and pumpkin seeds have the highest source of vegetarian zinc.

Cilantro pesto recipe

So delicious, healthy and easy.

Mix together RAW, shelled pumpkin seeds with one bunch of cilantro, squeeze a quarter of fresh lemon, a couple of garlic cloves to taste ( I put in about 4 or 5), some sea salt and olive oil. I have also made this dip with flaxseed oil for health benefits but the olive oil is tastier.

As far as quantity goes, this is not a scientific process for me. I put in a different amount of ingredients each time ( I do it by feel) and the dip tastes slightly different every time. Because it is easy to add in pumpkin seeds by taste, start with a handful and add in more if you like the flavor. Same with the oil, add in as much as you need to get the consistency you like. I like a thicker pesto that I can spread but you can use more oil to soften it. Olive oil is very good for you so you can’t use too much. 

The lemon and garlic add flavor and liver loving health benefit as well as antiviral, antibacterial power!


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Angela uses both science and intuition to help people figure out what’s out of balance in their body. She works with lab tests, dietary changes, supplementation and nervous system rebalancing. Get help rebalancing your digestive system and solving your IBS mystery here.

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