How to treat a stubborn case of h. pylori

How to treat a stubborn case of h. pylori

My SIBO success story is inspiring you. I was able to treat a pretty serious overgrowth in 6 weeks, after doctors told me it would take 4 months. And I was able to reintroduce all FODMAPs with no problems within 6 months.

And just in time for a birthday trip to Portland. You can see what I ate on vacation on my Instagram page.

While grateful to be done with SIBO and bloating in my small intestine, I’m still dealing with a bacterial infection in my stomach, called h. pylori.

While this infection doesn’t cause any obvious digestive issues it is stubborn and definitely worth eradicating. Especially since it can be a root cause of a SIBO relapse, as it lowers my stomach acid.

I already treated h. pylori once, but the first time didn’t do it. Sometimes one treatment is not enough. Treating h. pylori naturally can take 60 to 90 days and I only treated in for about 45 days.

Sometimes you heal faster than expected and sometimes you don’t.

I suspect I’ve had h. pylori for a long time. And it’s not going to be easy to kill but I’m not giving up. Especially since I suspect that this infection is the reason why I feel tired and moody.

Treating h. pylori does not require a strict diet like SIBO does, it just requires the right combination of herbs and patience.There are foods you should avoid with h pylori, like chocolate and coffee, but that’s not a problem for me.

Also, it is important to test 4 weeks after stopping the last herbs, so you don’t get a false positive.

Why am I treating h. pylori

H pylori lowers stomach acid and can cause all sorts of issues. Nutrient malabsorption, ulcers, possible, but rare, cases of stomach cancer or osteoporosis from not absorbing minerals. And of course, it could lead to SIBO again.

How to make treatment more effective.

There are a few overlooked elements that make treatment more successful.

Biofilm buster

The most important one is a biofilm buster. H. pylori hides under a biological shield and it needs to be broken up to allow the herbs to access the bacteria.

There are a few things that naturally break up biofilms without hurting the rest of you.

I will be using NAC. I like this brand. I will be taking one capsule before each meal.

Stomach acid and HCL

Stomach acid should be on the lower side when battling h pylori. While supplementing with HCL is popular and important, it’s not advised for h. pylori as it can damage already inflamed stomach lining or cause ulcers.

Sooth the stomach lining

Anti inflammatory herbs can help sooth stomach lining that is inflamed from an h. pylori infection. I am going to take some DGL, which stands for deglycyrrhizinated licorice. My protocol details are below.

My h. pylori protocol:

60 days of biofilm buster: NAC: 1 capsule 3 times a day with meals.

60 days of 300 mg of DGL 10 minutes or immediately before the start of a meal. I use this one.

60 days of mastic gum. I really like this brand for it’s purity and quality: 2 capsules three times a day with meals.

30 days of Matula tea. This tea is expensive but there’s a money back guarantee if it doesn’t work. After I contacted them with my test results, they sent me out another box of tea to try again. If the second dose doesn’t work they will refund my money for the first dose. I love that they believe in their product and stand behind it’s efficacy. They told me that sometimes a second dose is needed.

You can learn more about the tea here.

Just as important as the protocol

Knowing your body and controlling your stress before eating are two key strategies that will help me be successful.

The key is to take time to calm the body before eating so you are in a parasympathetic “rest and digest” state. I can do deep breathing, listening to music or stretch. The point is to slow down, calm down and get in touch with your body before you eat.

Also knowing when to eat is important. I have noticed my body does best with an eating window of between 10 and 5. For whatever reason my stomach acid is strongest during this window. So listening to and honoring the biorhythms of my body is also really important.

One of the tools I use to support my stress response and nervous system is acupuncture.  Acupuncture will not heal my h.pylori but it will do wonders for supporting my body as it does it’s healing work.

The last part is of course the mindset. It’s important not to worry, stress or obsess over the h. pylori and to instead do things that bring joy and pleasure to my life.

Life, after all is not all about avoiding pain….it’s also about moving towards pleasure. And that is not always easy to do for anxiety types, but it is one of the most healing things you can do.

So get off your computers, stop the Googling madness. You are probably doing all that you can do…just find some pleasure in your life and delegate the rest to your body. It works so much better when you are not micromanaging it or worrying about it.

These are true words of wisdom and easier said than done. I’m not there but I work on it daily.

Here’s the million dollar mantra for healing the gut.

Take care of yourself and love yourself.

Do something that brings you peace, pleasure or joy daily.

Let your body heal by letting go.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Hang in there and stay sane!

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