My SIBO recovery plan

I’m still not sure if SIBO has been a blessing or a curse in my life. At first it seemed like a curse and a health failure. But it was also an opportunity to test out the digestive health knowledge […]

Easy stress reducing detox tips

Winter weather and the stress of the holidays can do a number on the immune system, the liver and the nervous system, which greatly affects digestive function. After the holiday whirlwind of eating, shopping, traveling, drinking, socializing and hosting, most […]

What to eat when everything bothers you

We can learn a lot about the natural healing process from animals. Animals don’t go to doctors (at least wild ones don’t). When they are sick they instinctively fast and rest. Digestion and movement take up a ton of energy […]

The key to healing IBS

The biggest complaint I hear from people who are stuck in healing IBS is that no matter what they do or what they eat, nothing seems to help. While it sometimes feels good to let off frustration, this isn’t true. […]

Grain-free breakfast “cereal”

The first thing people ask me when they give up grains is “what can I eat for breakfast”? When bacon and eggs, fruit, yogurt or sweet potatoes get old and cravings for cereal or oatmeal strike, this grain-free breakfast cereal […]

IBS and detoxing

When the seasons change the body does also. During spring time the body naturally wants to detox.  This is the season that the liver cleans itself out. As the body naturally detoxes, we shed the extra winter weight gained for […]