Mind body connection

The best remedy for stress

Sometimes solutions to complex health problems are so obvious they get overlooked. I’ve been having some mood problems for a few months now. I wrote about it a while back in my blog post about raising serotonin. I’ve been trying […]

The key to healing IBS

The biggest complaint I hear from people who are stuck in healing IBS is that no matter what they do or what they eat, nothing seems to help. While it sometimes feels good to let off frustration, this isn’t true. […]

The best yoga for IBS: Yoga Nidra

Many people contact me with the same complaint. Anxiety. I’m personally familiar with this problem and this is one of the best solutions I have found. It’s called Yoga nidra. Yoga nidra, is a forgotten form of yoga that’s just […]

Leaky gut: a case study

Life can be ironic. I’m not talking about hipster ironic, I mean eerie coincidence ironic. This story is full of so much simultaneous bad and good luck, it might blow your mind. My husband stuck with me through my whole […]

How to use nature and technology to heal

The world is full of things that speed us up and stress us out. But it’s also full of beautiful simplicity to slows us down and calm our spirit. We can balance the demands of society and the overwhelm of […]

Perfectionism and the gut

  The gut-perfection connection I’ll admit it. I’ve been a perfectionist all my life. Not about everything, just the things I really care about. One way perfectionism shows up in my life is procrastination. Not normally a procrastinator, I notice […]