Mind body connection

IBS metabolic type

The IBS metabolic and emotional type   What I love about Ayurveda, the traditional medical system of India, is it accounts for different body types. Because we are not built the same way, our medical issues should not be treated […]

Is there an IBS type?

Food is medicine but healing IBS is not just about food. Understanding yourself, body, mind and nervous system is also important.   That’s why I’m writing this 3-part series on what type of person is likely to get IBS.   […]

Does acupuncture heal IBS?

How Does Acupuncture work for IBS? I didn’t know much about acupuncture when I was sick, but I heard good things and was willing to try anything. If you Google alternative therapies for IBS, acupuncture often comes up as a […]

How hypnosis helps with IBS

Hypnosis is a popular and successful treatment for IBS. Ever wonder why? I was extremely curious to find out, so I interviewed a local hypnotherapist and sampled a session. I knew that hypnosis worked with the mind body connection and […]

Sensitivity and Digestion

I have noticed that there is a high correlation between sensitive people (who are also perfectionistic) and digestive issues. When I met Caroline van Kimmenade, who runs the website The Happy Sensitive, I connected with her about the relationship between […]

Diet for IBS

Diet for IBS

Most people try to heal IBS with diet. While this definitely makes sense, food is not always the whole picture. Emotions play a big role in gut function. People with digestive issues have sensitive guts that are reactive to negative […]

Why Do Doctors Say IBS is in your Head?

Why do they say it’s in your head? You may wonder why some doctors think IBS is a psychological condition? What exactly does the hated phrase “It’s in Your Head” mean and where does it come from? Anyone with digestive […]