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How to heal IBS: Power of Persistence

HOW TO HEAL IBS: YOUR NUMBER ONE SUPERPOWER IS PERSISTENCE I know how tough it is to attempt to heal yourself and fail. It can make you feel hopeless and helpless and overwhelmed. Sometimes it is hard to muster the […]

Map the bacteria in your gut

I have been voraciously reading about digestive issues this year and though it is a complicated topic, all roads seem to be leading back to beneficial bacteria in the gut. This beneficial bacteria that supports our immune system, manufactures important […]

Colonics and IBS

Are Colonics a Good Treatment for Constipation and IBS? Colon cleansing (also called colonics and colonic irrigation) is a controversial treatment for digestive issues. Colonics are NOT recommended for people with severe problems like Ulcerative Colitis and Chrohn’s disease but […]

Shame and IBS: Talk about it to heal faster

A major factor that keeps people from healing their digestive issues…… Want to heal your digestion? If so, do your actions match your intentions? The number one problem that prevents people from healing is their shame!     If you […]

IBS diet: Cabbage

Welcome to my new weekly blog series that highlights a different food each week. I will tell you everything you need to know about that food when it comes to digestion. The good, the bad and the gassy… To kick […]