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How to avoid infectious disease

Forget vaccines and put away that antibacterial soap. If you want to avoid infectious diseases, anything from the common cold to food poisoning to parasites, learn how to bolster your natural defenses. We are natural infection-fighting machines! When your body […]

Seven day of international Paleo dinners

My IBS diet series may have you toying with the idea of going grain-free but actually making that transition can seem overwhelming. Grains are a staple ingredient in most cooking and eating regimens and cooking without them can seem like a […]

How to listen to your body

These words are dedicated to Monica. Monica is the woman who saves me from myself – or more specifically, saves my body from the abuse I put it through. She is my massage therapist, and I feel like she listens […]

IBS diet: Elimination diets (part 3)

More ways to heal symptoms with these IBS diets The diets I talk about this week have one thing in common. They eliminate triggering foods that can cause digestive symptoms and flare ups. Here’s the link to last week’s grain-free diet […]

IBS diet: Pumpkin seeds

I don’t want to be the person who’s always telling you what NOT to eat.  There are a ton of wonderful things out there that you can eat and I try to shine a light on these healing foods. This […]