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No bake gut-healthy treats

It’s easy to feel left out around the holidays when everyone is indulging in gluteny, sugary treats that won’t work with your body. But don’t forget there’s a world of amazing treats for you too. You just need to make […]

Easy stress reducing detox tips

Winter weather and the stress of the holidays can do a number on the immune system, the liver and the nervous system, which greatly affects digestive function. After the holiday whirlwind of eating, shopping, traveling, drinking, socializing and hosting, most […]

How gluten effects IBS

The question I’m asked most often by clients and readers is if they’ll ever be able to eat dairy and gluten again? The answer is a bit complicated but I’m going to educate you about the effects of gluten so […]

Bone broth how to and recipes

Bone broth is medicine for the gut, it boosts the immune system, seals the gut lining and remineralizes the body. Our ancestors have been making it forever but in modern times we often feel too time constrained and overwhelmed to […]

How carbohydrates effect IBS

I want to teach you about carbohydrates to understand the different healing diets out their and their benefits. Carbs are a confusing topic. What we’ve been taught about general nutrition does not apply to IBS. In some cases, it’s quite […]

My favorite supplements for IBS

The road to health requires more than just supplements, but the right supplements can be incredibly supportive. I’ve tried a lot of supplements over the years and many of them have ended up in my supplement graveyard (that drawer of […]

How to fix anxiety

Anxiety and IBS go hand in hand. Getting sick sends anxiety through the roof. So addressing anxiety will speed up gut and adrenal healing. Healing anxiety is tricky, but I’ve been working on lowering my anxiety for years and have […]

Anxiety and IBS

Anxiety is a big problem among IBS sufferers. Before IBS there was likely a proclivity towards anxiety but after IBS anxiety levels seem to go through the roof. The cause of anxiety is often both physical as well as psychological.  […]

Home tests for IBS

We all do it. When mysterious health symptom hit we jump online and start googling our symptoms. The Internet has been a blessing for health education and empowerment. But it can also be trouble. I’ve heard it referred to as […]

The nervous system is the missing piece in IBS

In the last decade the conversation about healing IBS has improved greatly. When I was sick, the advice was to eat fiber and avoid acidic and fatty foods. Currently, the conversation revolves around probiotics, lowering inflammation, and grain-free, low sugar […]