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Lessons learned from healing leaky gut

I hope the lessons I relearned while healing my husband’s leaky gut, over these past few months, are helpful to you. It’s definitely ironic that my husband, who’s always had an iron stomach, got sick as I was starting my […]

The best DIY healing tool for IBS

You don’t have to be a writer to use one of the best tools ever invented for healing digestive issues. A journal. There are two ways to use journals to heal yourself. 1.You can use a food, mood and symptom […]

Can copper toxicity make IBS worse?

Many people e-mail me to ask what I did specifically to heal my gut so completely? I’ve been pretty transparent about most of it. I spent a year eating a strict Paleo diet that excluded nuts, dried fruit, and ALL […]

What to eat when everything bothers you

We can learn a lot about the natural healing process from animals. Animals don’t go to doctors (at least wild ones don’t). When they are sick they instinctively fast and rest. Digestion and movement take up a ton of energy […]

Paleo low FODMAP recipes

When I started my business I wanted to remembered more clearly what it was like emotionally when I was sick and getting nowhere in the healing process. But memories of emotions are not the same, as the mind mutes pain […]

Chi Gong exercise for anxiety

I’ve finally made a Chi Gong video. It’s far from perfect. The original audio was too quiet so I added a voice over so you can hear the instructions better. This is a classic example of the kind of exercises […]

The key to healing IBS

The biggest complaint I hear from people who are stuck in healing IBS is that no matter what they do or what they eat, nothing seems to help. While it sometimes feels good to let off frustration, this isn’t true. […]

Superfood dessert: Blueberry kefir jello

What do you get when you combine three superfoods in one dessert? A gut healing way to end your meal or start your morning. Deliciously. Who knew that this jiggly dessert from childhood was such a powerful health food? Commercial […]