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The how chi gong can fix your gut

I recently met with a friend from grad school who I hadn’t seen in 20 years. We exchanged stories of getting sick a few years after leaving school. I told her about beating IBS and she shared how she got […]

How to avoid buying fake supplements

I wanted to pass along some important information I recently learned that can make a difference in your recovery efforts. Buying your supplements from the right place can be as important as matching the supplements to your condition and taking […]

Low carb, low FODMAP gut healing muffins

Finding healthy treats to eat while healing your gut is not easy, but I’ve got you covered. These muffins are easy to make and include one of the best ingredients for repairing your gut lining. Collagen. Collagen is one of […]

The emotional root of IBS

I have observed the connection between emotions and IBS in myself and my clients. And I’ve concluded that the most powerful influence on your health is not a supplement or type of food, it’s your mental and emotional state. I’m […]

How your thyroid effects your gut

Sometimes my big health mistakes turn into blessings. When I was on a raw vegan diet 15 years ago to heal IBS, it was doing obvious damage to me body but I refused to believe this “healthy” diet was harming […]

The Ketogenic diet for IBS

Finding out I had SIBO at the beginning of 2017 taught me some important about my body. Leading up to my SIBO test I was following a Paleo diet, which involved baking lots of “healthy” treats with maple syrup and […]