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The world’s easiest digestive cleanse

No need to starve and suffer to feel better. There are gentle ways to cleanse the digestive system that won’t test your willpower and leave you hangry (hungry and angry)! Traditional cleansing methods of restricted calories and liquid diets can […]

Diet for IBS

Diet for IBS

Most people try to heal IBS with diet. While this definitely makes sense, food is not always the whole picture. Emotions play a big role in gut function. People with digestive issues have sensitive guts that are reactive to negative […]

Why Do Doctors Say IBS is in your Head?

Why do they say it’s in your head? You may wonder why some doctors think IBS is a psychological condition? What exactly does the hated phrase “It’s in Your Head” mean and where does it come from? Anyone with digestive […]

DIY Probiotics: homemade yogurt

Why balanced bacterial flora (probiotics) is vital for digestion (and immunity) An unhealthy balance of gut bacteria is the cause of many digestive problems but it can also cause other serious health issues. We still don’t know much about all […]

The beauty of not knowing

What do you do when you don’t know? One of the most frustrating thing about IBS is that no one knows what causes it. When you are in the dark, it’s hard to know what to do, where to start? […]

Changing Habits

Often we get motivated to change our bad habits by a good book, impactful blog, eye opening conversation or incredible motivational speaker, but how do we support our lasting success? When riding on the coattails of inspiration we try to […]