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Sensitivity and Digestion

I have noticed that there is a high correlation between sensitive people (who are also perfectionistic) and digestive issues. When I met Caroline van Kimmenade, who runs the website The Happy Sensitive, I connected with her about the relationship between […]

Gut-friendly, allergy-free recipes!

My friend and fellow health coach, Gabriella Makstman, is an extremely talented “food artist” (the words “cook” or “gourmet chef” are too pedestrian to describe what she does). She runs a website called A Crafty Gourmet which provides free, amazing step-by-step, […]

Foods that are good for digestion

Diets that heal digestion can seem restrictive. They focus on all the foods you can’t eat.. like dairy, wheat, corn, and sugar, to name a few. The focus of this week’s blog is all the foods you CAN eat to […]

The world’s easiest digestive cleanse

No need to starve and suffer to feel better. There are gentle ways to cleanse the digestive system that won’t test your willpower and leave you hangry (hungry and angry)! Traditional cleansing methods of restricted calories and liquid diets can […]

Diet for IBS

Diet for IBS

Most people try to heal IBS with diet. While this definitely makes sense, food is not always the whole picture. Emotions play a big role in gut function. People with digestive issues have sensitive guts that are reactive to negative […]