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On the go foods for IBS

Change is difficult. Radically changing your diet can be particularly hard. Not everyone can do it. But sometimes the discomfort of change is welcomed compared to the discomfort of IBS. If you’re motivated you’ll learn new recipes and take the […]

Jen’s IBS success story

What kept me going during the dark time that I struggled with IBS was finding success stories of people who had overcome their digestive struggles. I needed to know it was possible to keep up my hope and inspiration. That’s […]

Prebiotics & an IBS-friendly treat

Prebiotics are just as important for gut health as probiotics. Here’s the difference between the two. Probiotics introduce bacteria into the intestine that were not there before. Prebiotics become food for the beneficial bacteria that already live in the large […]

IBS and inflammation

Many of the strange, scary and uncomfortable symptoms that come with IBS such as back pain, gut pain, headaches, joint pain, itchy skin, weight gain, allergies, fatigue, brain fog, sleep problems, loss of appetite and depression, usually have one thing […]

How to test your bacteria at home

When it comes to IBS, testing is extremely valuable because it helps people narrow down the root cause of their digestive imbalance. Without testing, it’s easy to spend years in the often fruitless process of trial and error. In my […]

Flu and cold recovery without drugs

I’ve worked hard on my immune system, and I rarely get sick. However, the week before Christmas I got hit with the flu: temperature, body aches, chills, trouble sleeping, etc. It’s been well over a decade since my last flu. […]

No bake gut-healthy treats

It’s easy to feel left out around the holidays when everyone is indulging in gluteny, sugary treats that won’t work with your body. But don’t forget there’s a world of amazing treats for you too. You just need to make […]

Easy stress reducing detox tips

Winter weather and the stress of the holidays can do a number on the immune system, the liver and the nervous system, which greatly affects digestive function. After the holiday whirlwind of eating, shopping, traveling, drinking, socializing and hosting, most […]